Thursday, August 28, 2014

Mysterious Edge of the Heroic World / E. L. Konigsburg 244 p.

Amedeo Kaplan longs for a friend.  He makes one in the person of William Wilcox, with whom he works as Mrs. Wilcox prepares Mrs. Zender's house for sale.   Mrs. Zender, a former European opera star, has many curiosities like the Bibendum Chair (resembles the Michelin man).  These curiosities give hope to Amedeo's dream of making an important discovery.  (The cover gives one a clue about how this dream comes true).  The curiosities give clues to the past-- a past that turns out holds a life changing event.  As the friendships grow, the story moves to Peter Vanderwaal, Amedeo's godfather, who is curating a show for the Sheboygan Art Center featuring Degenerative Art - art the Nazi's sought to stop and even destroy.  Through Peter, the story of his Dutch father and the Holocaust is told as well as how the Nazis treated homosexuals.  Mrs. Zender's explanation of her marriage is interesting and it adds another clue to the secret--a secret that ends up affecting everyone.

This is one of my favorite authors.  I was happy to find this title new to me.

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