It's that time again!!  Let's all play "WHAT IS LURKING UNDER STACEY'S DESK!"
Ugh!!  I bet I do have a gremlin hiding out in there.
The second picture is an actual photo of the swag I have piling up under my desk thanks to my awesome conference swag collectors Lucy L & Sue D.!!  Thanks ladies!!

However, this lack of organization also glaringly shows that I really need to hang up the prize giving hat and pass it on to someone else.

That's were my lovely co-worker Stacey comes in!!  *Yea!!!*  Stacey has graciously agreed to step in and she has been given the Almighty Power to proclaim winners and distribute free tote-bags and key chains to her hardworking minions readers/bloggers.

Thank you all for your patience this year, and be watching this space as new winners will be announced soon!   --Laura P.

Look Behind You/Iris Johansen & Roy Johansen/325 pgs.

Kendra Michaels' special talents are called into play by the FBI to track down a serial killer. This particular killer has been leaving ...