What is This?

What is the SCCCLD Book Challenge?

First and foremost the SCCCLD Book Challenge is a Competitive Reading Challenge.  The purpose is to Read and share our Gems with each other in order to improve our Reader's Advisory Skills and promote some healthy comradeship in the District.  To play, participants will win points for various categories, such as: reading the most number of books, reading an award book, reading a book about Cannibalism, etc (we'll make it up as we go along).  The catch is to earn points you must READ the book (yes, audio books count) and then POST a short summary of the book to this blog.  (Yes, you got me.  This is also a huge ploy to make my job of compiling the "staff picks" every month for the newsletter that much easier)

The "Book Challenge" idea is the brainchild of  two very creative Librarians, Patrick Wall & Christa Van Herreweghe, at the University City Public Library.  Over in UCity they have been pitting their staff against each other for fortune and fame this past year.  However!  for 2011 they have thrown down the gauntlet and have challenged other Districts to compete against them!  Knowing that we are Totally Rabid and Voracious readers we are taking them up on the challenge and joining the 2011 Missouri Book Challenge!

So, What is competitive reading?!
  • A Readers Advisory tool.
  • A way to harmlessly taunt your friends and co-workers (well, almost harmlessly).
  • A reason to ignore your friends and family by pretending something you wanted to do anyway is work related.
  • A way to justify your obsessive reading.
Why read competitively?
  • A lot of us suck at sports. (Real sports; bowling and video games don’t count).
  • If you are just counting numbers of titles and not mentioning that they are all graphic novels and YA fiction, then saying “I read 105 books this year,” makes you seem kind of smart. A little odd if you’re saying this to random strangers, but kind of smart.
  • Competitive knitting hasn’t taken off yet.
  • Prizes!!!
 Prizes?! What are these Prizes you speak of?
  • Book ARCS!!!!
  • Braggin' rights
  • Noteriety, by way of an honorable mention in the Grapevine
  • Really Cool MLA & ALA Conference Swag!! 
OK, I'm in. How do I Join?

First, you must become an author on this blog.  To do that, send an email to me lpirondi (at) stchlibrary.org and request to be added.   Then get reading & blogging!!!  That's all there is to it!

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed are personal and not that of the St. Charles City-County Library District.