1. Read a book.
  2. Write a review of a few sentences or more, the same month you finished the book.
  3. Post that review as a blog post on this blog.  The title of the blog post should consist of :   Book Title / Author(s) # of pages / and if the book is on a special Awards or Challenge list.  The body of the post is your review. 
  4. Keep track of your own totals (# of reviews posted, # of pages read*, # of bonus points)
    *Audiobooks and pagination: when reviewing an audiobook, just use the same pagination as the print book.  Only reduce the pages you give if you can't sleep because you're so guilty about how abridged your audiobook is and you could not find an abridged print book to take the pages from.   Otherwise, it's ok to just use the print-book pagination - really!!  Most of us read our pages faster than you can listen to your audiobook, so it's all good!
  5. You can post a Review of a book that has already been Reviewed by someone earlier
Staff can compete in the following categories:
  1. Total books read.  This includes juvenile books, teen books, and graphic novels as well as audiobooks.   NO picture books (Sorry to those of you that are on the Building Blocks Awards Committee!).
  2. Most pages read. 
  3. Most participation points.
Participation (bonus) points are awarded for the following activities:

Posting to the blog, reading a book that is on an award list or has won an award or reading books off a suggested reading list (such as ALA Notable Fiction, Newbery Awards, etc.)  You get bonus points if you read the entire list!  We are willing to assign points to any reading list that someone submits. Various other reading challenges for extra points can be thrown out there for the taking, throwing the balance of the Universe off track (.....Muwhahaha.!!!)

There will also be a monthly drawing for all members who post to the blog.  Random other prizes for which ANYONE who has posted a review during that month qualifies.